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As you approach the largest port in Vietnam you know you have arrived at the worlds most modern and sustainable port.
Hon Khoai Port gateway to Vietnam

Worlds latest’s facilities;

As the vessel approaches The Island Port of Hon Khoai it is a welcomed refuge with the latest sustainable features and deep water approach  5km runway of Xs 25m all the way to the impressive lighthouses set on breakwater giving clear guidance to deep berths, 12 taking vessels of 250,000 DWT plus, surrounded by 12 further transshipment berths. As a Multi Cargo Facility MCF Hon Khoai will handle Coal, RORO vehicle carriers, LNG Fuel, Bulk and Container TEU carriers backed up by a 24 Tug and Pilot boat harbour next to Hon Sao Island on which the main 6 level Administration Building will be located. All being linked by an elevated Ring Rail system enabling produce to be moved quickly to an Inter-modal and River port at Nam Can for distribution by the extensive waterways as well as the HKIP transshipment facilities.

Location location location

Location Location;

In the planing of this port all factors were accounted for, from the perfect approach onto a 5km runway in excess of 25m deep to the security of its location by limited access over water and by elevated Ring Rail or heliport.
Then there is the strategic benefits of it’s location set at the very tip of the country at the Gulf of Thailand close to major shipping routes to the Asia and the World beyond. Perfectly located to serve Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore and Philippines allowing transshipment to and from by small vessels to the port and the world’s largest vessels accessing world markets at a reduced rate to buyer and seller. Reducing Vietnam and it’s neighbours need to expand their own ports as HKIP would act as a mother port allowing the others to feed off HKIP capacity. Location which could access Rail to River to Road to Air to Sea.

Port layout

Logistic efficiency;

HKIP will have the latest robotic loading and unloading systems available including the best crane system available innovative crane technology APM Terminals’ Fast Net Cranes. Supported by robotic sleds loading Teu’ into and off the Ring Rail Carriages at both ends, at the port and the inter-modal. With the Ring Rail System allowing quick movement from the ports 345 ha hardstand allowing more area for quick transshipment movements eliminating slow truck movements on the port and moving all other transport logistics away from the port proper thus removing congestion. The 813ha water basin within the breakwater allows easy vessel movement and efficient turning and maneuvering along with the latest mooring systems reducing accidents. All water and services will be captured cleaned and recycled with the ports own treatment plant and water storage.


Full rescue services

HKIP will be established with its own rescue services Fire and Medical including plant services on the deck and within the Administration Zones including Helicopter rescue and International repatriation services to the new airport at Nam Can. Currently negotiations are being finalised with Care Flight Australia to provide this service

cover breakwater

Sustainable Wave energy Power plant;

The 6.8km breakwater will have the Worlds Largest Wave energy power plant contained within its concrete structure. The Hydro-wave system will have 200 Dresser Rand Siemens turbines generating from 200 MW up to 400MW  They generating power as the waves move in and out rotating in a constant air flow caused by the wave coming into the concrete chamber driving the air-piston up and down as the wave retreats. The curved shape is to reduce the topping of waves and the holes are wave disbursement units activating a harbour flushing system with the the rear of the breakwater being designed to add further berths for vessels sheltering from storms or Vessels up to 250,000 DWT waiting for the Dry-Dock and other services such as fuel, painting, or fresh water supplied from the Desalination Plant driven by the Hydro-wave power plant. The HKIP will not only be self sufficient in its power supply but also in fresh water supplied by the Disal-plant which uses excess power generated during the daylight hours. Any surplus water will be piped to the local community both on Hon Khoai Island and the mainland.

Port smart


the HKIP will have a 70 year lease and it is estimated to cost USD$2.8b plus administration zone buildings and bridges plus Ring Rail link taking it up to USD$ 3.9b [excluding cranes and equipment]

It will cover an area of 345 ha of hardstand and inner harbour basin covers 813ha with depths from 25m to 11m for Super-max Cape-max, Panamax, Handy-max with a 24 boat Tug harbour at 8m. In order to get these levels and depths we will dredge 61,349,250 m3 back-filling required of 39,810,625m3 being made up of 4,928,174m3 of granite rock from Hon Sao Island and remainder from dredge spoil with the surplus of 26,500,000m3 bring pumped to the mainland for use in the reclamation of the Industrial park

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