The Hon Khoai Island Project layout is shown here along with the lease zone in red for the port. Plus the connection of Port Zone to Nam Can

Port zone

Collective of Hon Khoai and Hon Sao Islands within the Port Zone

Lighthouse south

Typical design of Lighthouse on breakwater to guide vessels to and through the breakwater entry with one on each side of the runway entry

Location location location

Map layout of Hon Khoai Islands and location to the mainland with Ring Rail link running through Economic Free Zone [Industrial Park Commercial Park Chemical Park and the Retail residential] and onto the Inter-modal  and River Port at Nam Can some 40km in all.


Dredging and moving spoil, cutter suction dredge and dossers working together to create the new port behind caissons creating port proper moving some 61,349,250 m3 into place to form a hardstand area of 345ha. Rock from Hon Sao Island where the administration center will be located will provide some 4,928,174m3 for use in breakwater and hardstand base material, with 21,538,625m3 of dredged material for use on mainland reclamation.