About Us


We started out to deliver coal to Vietnam

We were requested to supply coal to Vietnam years ago and visited to see how we could do so. It was quickly noticed that there were no ports in the country that could support the delivery of coal in timely and cost efficient way. After speaking with all the major Government owned entities SOE’s associated or approved to import coal we quickly discovered that despite the looming need, the infrastructure had not been planned to cater for such huge expansion plans. We were asked to provide a port solution and find a location which could service the Viet Nam Nation and would remove current hindrance to efficiency.

  •  Harbours continually requiring dredging
  •  Vessel access limited to small ships
  •  Handling facilities slow turn-around
  •  Economic scale of time and margins
  •  From that point we set out to locate a site to build a port capable of receiving economical size vessels such as Capsize 250,000DWT.
  •  Runway which would give a 26 meter natural approach to breakwater and port
  •  Access to materials such as granite on islands for topping
  •  Security of access by way of geography
  • Routes nearby which could use other countries to use the facility

Together our team with expertise in Finance, Mining, Construction, Risk management, National security, Communications and Logistics set about the task to fine Location Location.

As you can see our team have surrounded ourselves with a broad team of Partners covering all aspects needed to complete such a Mega Project